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Modelling of Anthropogenic Global Warming & the Corruption of Modern Science


For those who may be feeling the need to quickly get up to speed on the arguments being waged over climate change, who wish to gain a greater understanding of the science involved, or who may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer weight of prevailing political opinion and media hype, we hope this collection of work will help you make sense of the science and politics behind the global warming and climate change debate. From the falsification of historic temperature records and manipulation of weather station data sets, to the lies concerning sea levels, polar bears, glaciers, ice caps, carbon dioxide and more, we reveal a political agenda that has no use for scientific integrity.

The so-called experts upon whom the political parties rely are those such as Lord Nicholas Stern, who describes himself as a "climate economist." But just like those who take his advice he does not boast a degree in climatology as might be expected. Meanwhile the input of real scientists, who actually have degrees in the physical sciences, goes almost unheard above the din of propaganda that rejects qualified knowledge as unreasoned denialism.

In the pages below, you will find a collection of information seldom found in one place. We endeavour to keep it up to date, and to set out as concisely as possible the scientific evidences in support of the skeptical side of the global warming debate. This work, now divided into eight parts, is translated from a PowerPoint lecture presentation. The slide format has been retained.

Contents:     What's New

Part 1 - 1.20 Mb
• A Biblical View of Post-Flood Climate History • Is there a Scientific Consensus?
• Politics and the IPCC • A Political Agenda • Is there a Political Conspiracy?
• Climategate • The "Hockey-Stick" Graph • Denial of the MWP & LIA

Part 2 - 2.48 Mb
• The Disappearing Weather Station Data Sets

Part 3 - 1.99 Mb
• UHI - The Urban Heat Island Effect • Siting and Quality of Weather Stations
• Weighting of Land & Oceanic Grid Temperatures • Hiding the Decline
• Is Increased CO2 Concentration Unique?

Part 4 - 4.22 Mb
• Recent Changes in Arctic Sea Ice & Temperatures • Underwater Volcanism

Part 5 - 2.22 Mb
• Recent Changes in Antarctic Sea Ice & Temperatures • Antarctic Volcanism

Part 6 - 1.59 Mb
• Recent Changes in Greenland Ice & Temperatures
• Glacial Retreat • Polar Bears and Other Wildlife • Rising Sea Levels

Part 7 - 3.21 Mb
• METAR Temperature Data Sets • Record Low Winter Temperatures
• Solar Activity and Cosmic Ray Induced Climate Change • Other Factors

Part 8 - 2.66 Mb
• What's So Bad About Carbon Dioxide? • Benefits of Enriched Carbon Dioxide
• Precautionary Principle • Summary • Postscripts

Additional Papers:

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics -- "Cosmic rays linked to rapid mid-latitude cloud changes." - 2.26 Mb

Published: 24 Nov 2010.
This paper provides more detailed information concerning the links between solar activity and climate change.

What's New:     Contents

• Modern definition of "conspiracy theory". Link to an article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. (Slide 2) [Pt.1]
• Expanded section on Arctic sea ice. (Slides 171..183) [Pt.4]
• A fourth cause of Arctic melting is added. (Slide 183) [Pt.4]
• Update of Antarctic sea-ice extent comparison maps. (Slides 198..199) [Pt.5]
• Further proofs that sea levels are not rising. (Slides 228, 232..236) [Pt.6]
• Expanded discussion of temperature data. (Slides 243..246) [Pt.7]
• Expanded discussion of climatic response to solar activity. (Slides 263..266, 271..275) [Pt.7]

• Promotion for Donna Laframbois' book exposing the political motives behind the IPCC. (Slide 21a) [Pt.1]
• Greater coverage of the infamous 2007 Arctic meltdown. (Slides 142..148) [Pt.4]
• Three causes of Arctic melting are explained, including underwater volcanism. (Slides 175..182) [Pt.4]
• Discussion of sea-ice extent and volcanic activity. (Slides 202..207) [Pt.5]
• Postscript 3 – State of the Greenland Ice Sheet. (Slides 348..360) [Pt.8]



















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